1998.5-2007 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 24V Intake Grid Heater Delete Spacer Blue



1998.5-2007 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 24V (Will fit 12V Cummins ONLY if you have a 2 piece removable grid heater that can be removed from the intake)

One of the proven methods for getting more power from your diesel is to increase the airflow through the intake. The 5.9 Cummins Grid Heater Delete from BackWoods Diesel dramatically improves the intake airflow in your truck. By removing the unused and obstructing stock unit, the BackWoods Diesel grid heater delete creates a much clearer and smoother intake airflow resulting in noticeable performance gains. And if your truck pulls double-duty in the frigid winter, the BackWoods Diesel grid heater delete can be easily swapped out and replaced with the factory grid heater for easier starting when the ambient temperature drops below freezing. Installation takes less than 20 minutes and ensures a factory fit and a proper seal to eliminate boost leaks.


  • Construction - 6061 Billet Aluminum
  • Product Design - CNC Precision Machined
  • Finish - Anodized
  • Performance Notes - Increased intake airflow resulting in boost intake pressure up to 1 PSI and massive increase in overall CFM